My programs for GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is the One True Editor. It does everything you ever imagined a text editor doing, and a lot you never dreamed of. While I've only used GNU Emacs, these programs will probably also work with XEmacs.

Decipher Mode

Decipher Mode is a major mode for decrypting simple substitution ciphers. It is now a part of the standard GNU Emacs distribution.

Miscellaneous Functions

This is a collection of miscellaneous functions that I have found useful at one time or another, but aren't big enough to deserve their own package. Some of them I use all the time; some I never use anymore. Use at your own risk.

Most of them are preceded by comments giving suggested usage or keybindings.

cjm-misc.el r831 (36k) (March 2, 2015)


pathsearch.el is a utility for loading files (especially C include files) in a search path.