VBinDiff 3.0 beta 5 released — September 10, 2017

This long-delayed VBinDiff update merges 2 pull requests from GitHub. The Windows version is now built with Visual Studio 2015.

VBinDiff developent moves to GitHub — March 12, 2013

I’ve finally exported the history of VBinDiff from my private Subversion server over to Git. It’s now available on GitHub. Thank Konstantin Kouptsov, who wrote me and asked for it.

FFV 0.47 released — November 20, 2011

I’ve released an updated Fast File Validator. You can now specify a directory to verify on the command line (to check all .SFV & .MD5 files in that directory). The test suite no longer requires Inline::C; just Perl. The POSIX version can now be compiled even if your system’s limits.h doesn’t define PATH_MAX.

YAPC Slides — June 21, 2010

The slides from my talk at YAPC::NA 2010 on PostScript::Report are now online.

Miscellaneous Utilities — March 17, 2010

I’ve added git-fix-svn-tags to my miscellaneous utilities page.

I’m looking for a job — March 28, 2009

Due to the recent economic troubles, my former employer had to lay off a number of people, including me. If you’re looking for an excellent and experienced Perl, C++, and/or C coder in the Dallas area, please check out my résumé. I’m also willing to telecommute and learn new languages.

VBinDiff 3.0 beta 4 released — July 26, 2008

This VBinDiff update is primarly for Windows users (the hex editor crashed after saving changes). It also adds GPL notices to some files that were missing them, as requested by the Fedora Project.

VBinDiff 3.0 beta 3 released — June 25, 2008

I’ve released another VBinDiff update. The line editor now keeps a history of previous input.

VBinDiff 3.0 beta 2 released — June 7, 2008

After almost 3 years, I’ve finally released an updated VBinDiff. It now has an improved line editor (for entering search strings and file positions).

Miscellaneous Utilities — February 24, 2008

I’ve added eack to my miscellaneous utilities page.