GUEmap - Simple mapping for Interactive Fiction

GUEmap is a program for mapping interactive fiction games. It runs on Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 and requires less than a megabyte of disk space.

Current Versions

GUEmap 1.02 released March 10, 1999
GUEmap 2.0 rc 1 released September 14, 2007 **

Release History
* GUEmap 1.02 -- Mar 10, 1999
Updates my email address
Some minor bug fixes
* GUEmap 1.01 -- May 1, 1998
Always uses a white background for maps
Fixes positioning bug when rooms are dragged off the right edge
* GUEmap 1.0 -- April 11, 1998
First release version
I'd like to thank all my beta testers, especially Mikey Alexander, Jonathan Blask, Phoebe Fuentes, Dave Gatewood, Robin Lionheart, Ole Lund, Steven Marsh, Dylan O'Donnell, Ryan Scherle, and Gunther Schmidl.

Development releases are listed on the development page.