Visual Binary Diff 3.0 beta 1 — November 11, 2005

Visual Binary Diff is a program I released many years ago for OS/2. I ported it to Windows when I switched from OS/2 to Windows NT, but never got around to releasing that version. Now I'm finally releasing both Linux and Windows versions.

Oh, you were wondering what it does? It displays two files as hexadecimal bytes and your choice of ASCII or EBCDIC, and highlights the differences between them.

Elect NoSoftwarePatents as European of the Year — October 31, 2005

This year, the founder of has been selected as a candidate for "European of the Year". You don't need to live in Europe to vote, so check out their voting guide and get your vote in before November 11.

FFV Ported to Linux — October 5, 2005

I've now ported the Fast File Validator to Linux. It should also work on other systems that support POSIX asynchronous I/O, but I've only tried Linux.

GUEmap 2 alpha 25 — September 16, 2005

I've released an updated version of the GUEmap 2 alpha.

GUEmap Home Page — November 26, 2004

I've integrated the GUEmap home page with my main web site. The new URL is

Site Redesign — October 5, 2004

I've completely redesigned my website. It's now based on the BlueTranquility template by Linus Gibson, although I've made some significant changes to the base template. In particular, I've converted it to use Mason components, so I don't have to keep repeating boilerplate HTML.

The redesign isn't really finished yet, but I think it's already a big improvement over what I had, so I've gone ahead and switched.

Due to the wholesale changes, there's probably some things I've missed. If you come across one, feel free to drop me a note.