Registering GUEmap

GUEmap is shareware. This means that you are free to try it out, but you must pay for it if you decide to keep it. Registration for GUEmap version 1 is only $10. This covers all 1.x releases, and also entitles you to use development versions of GUEmap 2. Once GUEmap 2.0 is released, you'll have to either upgrade to it or go back to version 1.

Or, you can order a lifetime license for just $30. This gives you free upgrades to all versions of GUEmap, forever. You'll never have to pay anything more.

If you don't have an email address, there is an additional $1 charge to have your password sent by postal mail. (If you order a lifetime license, you must include your email address, so I can supply you with passwords for new versions.) If you send me neither an email address nor $1, I will just keep your money and you won't get your password. If you have an email address, please use it. Neither I nor Kagi will give out your address to spammers or anyone else. I will use it just to send you announcements when new versions of GUEmap are released. (If you don't want to receive these messages, just let me know and I'll take you off the list.)

Three Ways to Register
  1. If you want to mail a US check, US money order, or US cash, you can send it directly to me. Just fill out the form in OrderFrm.txt (included with GUEmap) and drop it in the mail with your payment.
    If you live in Texas, you can't use method 1. I'd have to collect sales tax, and that would involve a lot of paperwork and much more hassle than it's worth. Please use method 2 or 3. (You can still pay by check or money order, but you must mail it to Kagi.)

  2. If you're using a credit card, you can order online through the Web and the Kagi registration service. Choose either the order form with Secure SSL or the INSECURE order form. There is a $2.50 surcharge for using this service.

  3. Finally, you can run the Register.exe program included with GUEmap and use the Kagi registration service. They accept most credit cards, foreign checks in US dollars, foreign cash, and First Virtual payments. There is a $2.50 surcharge for using Kagi (because that's how much of the payment they take).

You should receive your password by email within a day or two after I receive your payment.