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Here are some other sites you may be interested in. This is by no means a complete list of interactive fiction web sites, but it should get you started. Please don't send new links to me; send them to one of these sites instead.

WinFrotz Home Page

WinFrotz is the best interpreter for Z-machine (Infocom format) games on Windows 95 or NT. This page is maintained by the author of WinFrotz, Rich Lawrence.


XYZZYnews is an electronic newsletter about interactive fiction. You'll also find plenty of links to other interactive fiction sites.

Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games

SPAG is an electronic newsletter devoted to reviews and ratings of text-based interactive fiction. There are also some links to other IF sites.

The Infocom Homepage

This site has lots of information about Infocom's interactive fiction, and some information about newer Infocom-compatible games.

Inform Home Page

This site is for those of you who want to write your own interactive fiction games. The Inform compiler produces games that can be played on almost any computer.

Catholic Answers Home Page

Get some help with Interactive Nonfiction.